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Celtic Granite & Marble

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Celtic Granite & Marble

Since transitioning into new management in 2017, Celtic Granite & Marble has become a successful and reliable family business for Shannon and Dave Gormley. With more than 30 years of experience in hand-cutting and fabricating stone, the Gormleys and Celtic Granite are the go-to source for both builders and homeowners.

Shannon Gormley is the office and operations manager, ensuring that clients receive timely and thorough service.

Dave & Shannon Gormley inside their showroom & manufacturing facility @ 414 Bradley Circle in Myrtle Beach ( just off Clay Pond Rd - directly across from the site of the old Freestyle Music Park ).

“My expertise is in customer service, and I think that’s really necessary in this market,” said Shannon. “I maintain communication with the client and am always trying to figure out exactly what people are looking for.”
Gormley said about half her clients come in with a clear idea of their needs, while others like more guidance and direction.
“Some people who come in here know exactly what they want, whether I have to order it or whether they’ve already picked out their slabs. But there are also people who know they want new countertops but have no idea what they want. I guide them through the process, asking questions about their tastes and their home.”
Dave Gormley handles all the stone, spending his days in the shop creating countertops in granite, quartz, marble, quartzite and onyx.
“He’s amazing,” said Shannon. “If there’s a slab that needs a seam, he’ll stare at it for 30 minutes to figure out how he’s going to cut the kitchen so the seam is invisible. His work is as close to perfect as you’re going to get.”
Celtic Granite & Marble offers free estimates and competitive pricing as well as a two-week turnaround time for both builders and homeowners. Being a local, family-owned business, Gormley emphasizes the straightforward nature of the bidding and pre-installation process.
“We are very well priced, and I tell customers, ‘We’ll come out and do your measure, and we encourage you to shop around,’” said Gormley. “Clients like us because we’re honest about everything. There’s nothing hidden – no hidden fees in the cost; everything is upfront and explained.”

Michael Marchese ( burgundy shirt ) with MJM Custom Building & Remodeling has been very pleased with the quality installations and attention to detail that he receives from Celtic Granite & Marble.

Celtic Granite & Marble works particularly closely with Michael Marchese with MJM Homes in Waterbridge Plantation, and Gormley feels the pairing is mutually beneficial.

“Working with Michael has been great,” said Gormley. “MJM Homes’ kitchens are huge, and usually we’re doing their entire home – kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, outdoor grill area – anything they want. I think the craftsmanship of the homes in general makes our stone look particularly good.”

Gormley noted a few popular trends in the stone industry, including a specific type of stone and a bathroom feature. 

“Fantasy Brown marble is definitely the number one seller over the past two years,” Gormley said. “It comes in an array of colors: gray and white, brown and white, some slabs have a coral color, some slabs have a teal color, so it’s very beachy and has a lot of movement. People just love it.” 

Another hot item is a twist on the bathroom sink. 

“Everybody likes rectangular bowls in their bathrooms,” said Gormley.

Gormley said Celtic Granite is constantly seeking ways to make their service even better.

“We’re always looking to improve everything we do.”

For further information call (843) 236-3120, email or visit





Celtic Granite & Marble
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Celtic Granite & Marble
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Celtic Granite & Marble
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Celtic Granite & Marble

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