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Conserva Irrigation

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Think you know irrigation? Think again. A new company in town offers a completely modern approach to traditional sprinkler systems, and business is booming.

Conserva Irrigation is a new, award-winning franchise company brought to the Grand Strand by a pair of couples passionate about conservation and efficient irrigation solutions. Dawn and Bill Hester and Pam and Jay Griffith operate the family-owned business (Dawn and Pam are sisters) and bring a new perspective, new technology, and new savings to clients throughout Horry and Georgetown counties and beyond.

Conserva Irrigation owners ( from left to right ): Bill Hester, Dawn Hester, Pam Griffith & Jay Griffith.

Dawn Hester, an architect for the federal government and Conserva’s Chief Marketing Officer, said Conserva’s concept combines conservation of various resources: water, money, and time.

“We’re trying to conserve water and being good stewards of that,” said Dawn. “With the Conserva system, the water is distributed much more efficiently, so you’re saving water. And the other side of that is saving money.”

Many homeowners use municipal water for irrigation, so they’re paying for that water, and if their system develops a leak, it may not be recognized for days. The Conserva system uses technology to eliminate that waste.

“For example, we recommend installing flow sensors with new controller technology,” said Dawn. “If the head is damaged, the flow sensor will recognize that and notify both the customer and our office.”

Bill Hester, registered landscape architect and Conserva’s Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the company’s focus on irrigation maintenance and repair. Conserva offers remote system monitoring that provides the system owner with a report on how well the system is working and where it’s vulnerable.

“We have the ability to come in and do a comprehensive site assessment for a commercial existing irrigation system, so that we can determine where they’re wasting water,” said Hester. “Then, through projected system upgrades, we can calculate how much water they could be saving. So we can literally lay out a path: this is where you are now, and if you follow us to where we recommend you need to go to, here’s the amount of water – and money — you can save.”

Considered the concierge service of irrigation, the Conserva system not only offers better solutions for problems, but even operates proactively. Because the systems are digitized, owners and Conserva technologists are alerted to issues remotely.
“Most irrigation owners take a reactionary kind of approach: the HOA calls when they have a problem,” said Hester. “With Conserva, we know the problem before you know the problem. We’re going to call you and say, ‘Hey, you have this problem; do you want us to come fix it?’”

Less than 4 years old, Conserva was ranked seventh of top new franchises in Entrepreneur magazine in May 2020, and in Myrtle Beach’s first three months of operation, they’ve confirmed the research that led them to this company.

“We’ve developed a quick presence,” said Bill. “It also reinforced our opinion and vision that this would be good for Myrtle Beach, and our growing list of satisfied customers validates the approach.”

For further information call (843) 491-0740, email or visit





Conserva Irrigation
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Conserva Irrigation
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Conserva Irrigation
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Conserva Irrigation

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