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“We are changing what most people have come to expect as the norm in our industry and taking customer service to a new level,”

CRM Services provides in-unit service calls around the clock for the 234 guest units at Blue Heron, located near Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fl.

Along sandy beaches, mountain slopes and many places in between, the staff at CRM Services is making life easier for Property Managers, Property Owner Associations and Home Owner Associations across the U.S.

Providing comprehensive property repair, on-going maintenance, renovation and construction work around the clock, every day, this varied group of in-house professionals deliver an unmatched experience for commercial and residential properties alike. The team at CRM is giving clients peace of mind in a business that can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to vacation rental properties where satisfaction and happiness of short-term guests make all the difference in success or failure.

“We are changing what most people have come to expect as the norm in our industry and taking customer service to a new level,” said Keith Errico, CRM Services’ Chief Executive Officer. “We understand and take great concern for the issues and daily challenges that resorts and property managers face. That’s why our customers have peace of mind knowing we are working for them 24/7,” Errico Added. When asked about how CRM is paving the way for customer service Errico went on to say, “At CRM our team approaches every project, no matter if it is a ground-up construction project or a simple task like changing a light bulb, with unmatched response times and personal attention.”

The commitment to service and providing a total solution for their customers doesn’t just reside at the top. When speaking to CRM’s Construction Manager, Marcus Lopez he said “I am very proud to be part of the team here at CRM. Our main focus is to lead the industry in providing the best property service in all aspects of construction, repair and maintenance.”

CRM provides complete maintenance services 24/7 at the Coconut Malorie in Ocean City, Maryland. CRM’s rapid response to all types of service calls ( at any hour ), grounds maintenance, proper pool care, and routine building maintenance ensure an optimum vacation experience for guests of the this popular coastal resort.

He adds, “With having numerous trades in-house, we are able to provide prompt service with the professional skills required for every task. CRM will continue to succeed in our industry due to our team members striving to make every customer completely satisfied and beyond. ”

If you ask many of the luxury oceanfront resorts along South Carolina’s Grand Strand and throughout the U.S. how they keep their properties in pristine condition you will find they have one common answer. CRM Services.

The CRM team works to remove and replace exterior window glazing at Peppertree Ocean Club in North Myrtle Beach, SC. With expert training in all types of scaffolding, CRM is able to reach the exterior of any level for needed repairs and maintenance.

With 122 units, three pools, landscaping and so much more to be responsible for, Peppertree Ocean Club’s General Manager, Michael Pawlowski, appreciates the quality service the resort receives from CRM Services. Because no job is too large or too small for CRM to handle proficiently and punctually, one phone call is all that has been necessary to take care of all sorts of daily tasks including everyday landscaping and maintenance and even much larger scale projects such as a complete exterior renovation including the pool, sealing the windows and renovation of each individual unit.

For vacation properties like Peppertree Ocean Club, quick service when their heating and air conditioning systems fail is extremely important. CRM Services provides emergency repair day and night, and Michael said they always respond to those problems within 15 to 30 minutes. That prevents the resort from having to move guests into different units, saves the cost of having to clean the units again and ultimately preserves their guests’ vacation experience at the resort.

That is just one way CRM Services helps property managers and owners like Michael save money, avoid stress and keep their visitors happy and coming back year after year.

The Noble Company of S.C. LLC, a locally owned full service real estate property management company with over 30 years of success along the Grand Strand has relied on CRM Services for many of their single and multi family homes and resorts along the Grand Strand.

“They’re Johnny on the spot,” said Jennifer Harmon, Senior Vice President at The Noble Company. CRM provides everything from regular maintenance, electrical, HVAC and plumbing, to full service construction and renovation for the The Noble Companies’ properties where utmost importance in placed on client satisfaction.

“In this type business you really don’t get but that one opportunity to make a good impression on a client.” Jennifer said. “Everybody is struggling to keep their guests happy, and I think the expectations are much higher these days than they have ever been and I think CRM does a good job,” she said, adding that providing satisfactory service for vacation properties can be very challenging and demanding.

CRM Services understands what it takes to meet and exceed today’s consumer expectations, particularly in the vacation industry as Jennifer described. For that reason, CRM Services perfected the one-call total solution process by hiring quality in-house professionals who are experts in their respective trades. This allows CRM to provide rapid response, 24/7, without having to rely on subcontracted work. Whether it’s a hotel, resort, timeshare, condominium or anything in-between, CRM Services specializes in taking a custom approach to each project’s individual needs while providing on-time, quality work at a fair price.

CRM Services prides themselves in being able to work with their clients as much or as little as needed. Hire CRM as your on site team, or to supplement your existing staff – either way, they can seamlessly assist you in delivering the goals for your property. Whether it’s new construction, design build, construction management, renovation or FF&E, CRM Services employs a talented team of professionals in each division to assist you. When it comes to installation and repair their licensed and insured tradesmen in HVAC, plumbing & electrical are at your service.

Additionally, for care and upkeep explore their integrated maintenance programs. From pools and spas, grounds maintenance and landscaping to painting, masonry & concrete, mobile maintenance for smaller sites and much, much more. There aren’t many things CRM can’t or won’t do to assist you with your property needs.

One of the biggest issues property owners and managers face today are undelivered promises. That’s why more and more property owners, managers, and representatives of homeowners’ associations that seek to make their jobs less stressful are turning to CRM Services to keep their properties in tip-top condition. The professionally trained tradesmen and technicians, who are licensed and insured, are there when they need them and able to meet all of their construction, repair and maintenance needs. There’s one thing CRM Services doesn’t offer, and that is unmet promises.

As a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), The Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association, Home Builders Association of South Carolina and the National Association of Homebuilders, CRM Services is a locally owned company that was founded right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Even though their clients stretch from coast to coast, and they employ a talented team in over 14 states, they are proud to call the Grand Strand their home.
CRM Services offers free estimates and can help guide you through project planning. All you have to do is make one phone call and the professionals at CRM will be there to help you accomplish your goals, whether they are as large as constructing a brand new building or as small as just changing a light bulb.

For further information call (888) 502-5203 , email KErrico@CRMServices.USor visit www.CRMServices.US.




CRM Services
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