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For installation and service of residential elevators, Elevators Plus is your go-to source. This woman-owned company, operated by two local families – one of which is third-generation in the elevator industry — brings knowledge, service, and heart to the elevator business.

Corey Lynn and Amber Hunter established Elevators Plus in 2019, and together with their husbands Mike Lynn and Johnny Hunter, have grown their business steadily over the past few years & now have a staff of six team members with over 47 years of combined experience. They started with service and then expanding to include installation of residential elevators, stair chairs, vertical platform lifts, dumbwaiters, car wheelchair lifts, outdoor lifts, and boat lifts.

Elevators Plus owners, Amber Hunter ( left ) & Corey Lynn ( right )

Elevators Plus is about controlled growth, said Lynn and Hunter, and they conduct an abundance of research before they offer a new product or service.

“We wanted to work with service first because that was what we were most comfortable with,” said Hunter. “But now that we’ve established our service end, we are growing our installation. First we had to find some companies we would feel comfortable installing.”

One company they selected was Cambridge.

“They are our favorite company because of their friendliness, reaction time, superior product, and they offer commercial grade products for residential use,” said Hunter. “They offer a 3-year limited parts warranty, and we match that with a 3-year labor warranty.” 

Elevators Plus services Cambridge, REI, GCE, Waupaca, Fox Valley Elevator, American Crescent, ThyssenKrupp, and Southern Elevator. They also install Fox Valley Elevator, Bruno, Harmar Lifts, Stiltz and AmeriGlide.

In its first two years, Elevators Plus has built a loyal following of clients who value the products, warranties, and customer service the company provides. Johnny Hunter, lead technician, presents information and solutions in a clear way that’s free of technical language and jargon. 

“People always say that they appreciate how knowledgeable and how thorough he is,” said Amber Hunter, “and how he explains things so they can understand it. He has a way of presenting things that makes the customer comfortable.”  

That approach reflects the company’s foundation of ethics and transparency. 

“Honesty and integrity — always being upfront – are very important to us,” said Corey Lynn. “We’re not going to sell somebody something they don’t need. Some competitors may tell you something is broken when it isn’t, or tell you a repair part was more expensive than it actually was. We’ll never do that.”

Lynn and Hunter appreciate and respect their customers’ decision to work with Elevators Plus, and that everyone in the company works to live up to their expectations.

“Some people took a chance on us, since we’re a fairly new company, but since we’re always working to be on top of things or get things fixed within a certain period of time, they appreciate that,” said Hunter. ‘We’ve had people say, ‘I’m going to let my property manager know that I’m switching from my old elevator company to you.’”

That’s the kind of response that has kept the company growing purely through word of mouth, with very little advertising. 

“Ninety-nine percent of our customers we’ve gotten from referrals,” said Hunter.

Elevators Plus is all about family. Lynn’s father and grandfather both had long careers with Otis Elevator, and the Lynn and Hunter families have integrated their lives: they work together, see each other socially and on holidays, and their kids are best friends 

The Lynn and Hunter families would like to expand their Elevator Plus family as well, welcoming more homeowners, property managers, companies, and building contractors to their business community.

For further information call (843) 877-4374, email or visit





Elevators Plus
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Elevators Plus
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Elevators Plus
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