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Jaime Pando, owner of The Flooring Depot, has announced a name change to Flooring Panda. Jaime said, “We wanted to have a much larger footprint on the Internet. We felt by having a catchy different name, we could achieve this. Today’s consumers are savvier, they are more educated and they are seeking a different experience by searching in the comfort of their own homes.”  Flooring Panda serves Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick Counties. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry to assist homeowners, property managers and contractors. They can count on Jaime and his staff to give credible guidance.

Flooring Panda owner, Jaime Pando in his showroom located @ 864 Kingswood Dr. in Conway, SC.

Jaime said, “I never sell by price – I’m a stickler for what I consider the best value, providing people with what they need and want.”

Flooring Panda keeps up with industry changes and home design trends. Jaime said, “There are new styles coming to the market place almost daily – prints, colors, shapes, textures –  and so it is a very, very exciting time to be in this industry.”  Luxury Vinyl Plank and tile (LVP and LVT) continue to be floor covering buzzwords. As Jaime said, “This is what is practical and it’s priced correctly. It’s less expensive than hardwood or tile, it’s easier and takes less time to install, and the maintenance requirement is minimal.”  Jaime noted that the LVT that looks like wood tends to be more popular than the stone look with one exception: “The LVT that looks like Travertine is so realistic it is hard to tell the difference between the real stone and LVT.” A new entry to the Luxury Vinyl product line is cork (LVC). Besides the particular look of cork, people are drawn to it because it is waterproof, quiet underfoot, and warm.

The Flooring Panda staff from left to right: Jake Rider ( Territory Manager ), Tracy Hancock ( General Manager ), Mindy Berry ( Inside Sales ), Jaime Pando ( President ), Suzie Hancock ( Office Manager ) & Thomas Jackson ( Warehouse Leader ).

With all the focus on LV products, hardwood, and tile, it would seem that carpet has been pushed to the side, but there have been big advances in the carpet industry too. Jaime said, “The carpet industry is producing longer lasting fibers that are far more resistant to staining and ripping that before. It is still one of the most economical products to use in your home. It’s one of the most comfortable, and the durability and clean ability of today’s carpet is unbelievable.” Flooring Panda carries several carpet lines, including fibers that are waterproofed against pet soiling. Flooring Panda supports green initiatives and has an onsite container to recycle carpet pads, which gets collected monthly, cleaned, and recycled into new padding. Carpet also gets recycled so that very little ends up in landfills.

Besides residential customers – new construction and remodels – Flooring Panda has seen an increase in commercial work, especially with student housing at CCU. “We are very encouraged by it,” Jaime said.

Between the Myrtle Beach and Shallotte locations, Flooring Panda has 5,000 square feet of showroom. Jaime said, “I am extremely grateful to the people who work at Flooring Panda. They are so helpful to the customer.”

For further information call the Myrtle Beach office @ (843) 234-2877 or the Shallotte office @ (910) 754-2874. Email or visit





Flooring Panda
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Flooring Panda
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Flooring Panda
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