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Palmetto Paverstones

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Palmetto Paverstones

From Block to Beauty in Hardscape Design

Bryon Fletcher offers the total package in his product and himself. He’s both creative and analytical and he brings knowledge, attention to detail, and quality workmanship to Palmetto Paverstones, Inc. Bryon began Palmetto Paverstones ten years ago saying, “I saw it as a new industry and I wanted to do something different – get out of the corporate world and work outside.” His corporate past as an automotive consultant brought efficiency and profitability to the service side of dealerships. Byron said, “I always enjoyed dealing with people and creating a different way of doing business.” His creative past included owning a restaurant. Analytical and creative traits were practically a birthright coming from an artistic family and growing up in Toledo, Ohio, where fabrication and fixing were the crux of daily life.

'Palmetto Paverstones’ owner & operator, Bryon Fletcher, at a site at one of his completed projects in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Bryon said that as few as 10 years ago there was one type of paver used for everything. The industry has evolved, though as Bryon said, “Paverstones are a pre-manufactured concrete block, and there’s nothing sexy about it to the average person!” While the basic product might seem dull, the finished job is a marvel under Bryon’s skillful direction.

Bryon keeps apace with product development, to the point that he still wears his consultant hat to give R&D feedback to engineers and producers (affectionately called blockheads). He said, “I take my industry very seriously; when the product can’t do what the manufacturers say, that’s the first call I make.” Not all pavers are created equally, and it takes years of experience and application to know which ones are better for their intended purpose – be it driveways, curved walls or an outdoor kitchen. Another distinction of Palmetto Paverstones, is their contrary approach. Bryon said, “I always take the path of most resistance because I want my end product to look the best it can. There’s no right way to do something wrong. That’s what I preach to my guys; that’s what we all live by.” They can also sleep at night knowing the quality of their work will endure.

Palmetto Paverstones, Inc. has done sidewalks in Hilton Head, permeable streets in Charleston and high-end home hardscapes in North and South Carolina. A recent favorite project was a permaculture garden for private homeowners. Byron created a permeable system of pathways and access points so that when it rained, the water would filter through the rock and travel under the garden beds.

Bryon’s business vision going forward is, “To bring market value to Myrtle Beach and make life easier for select designers and architects. To be a resource for them in terms of what materials can / cannot do within a landscape/hardscape design.” He is certified in every aspect of his trade.

For further information regarding Palmetto Paverstones’ products & services call ( 843 ) 497-5827 or call Bryon directly at ( 704 ) 517-8028. You can also visit or follow them on Facebook at Palmetto Paverstones Inc.




Palmetto Paverstones
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Palmetto Paverstones
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Palmetto Paverstones
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