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Home accessibility is becoming increasingly important as more people move to this coastal area to build or find their dream home. In many cases, people state this will be their final home. Whether they are building or purchasing a new home, accessibility is a key factor Port City Elevator assists in designing, installing, and servicing the best product for many applications.

The new Port City Elevator Office / Showroom is located at 5704 Nixon Ln., Castle Hayne, NC 28429

In new construction, the installation of a home elevator has become increasingly popular. During construction, Port City works alongside builders to ensure the framing and electrical requirements are in place for the elevator. If the elevator is not installed at the time of construction, people are incorporating stacked closets in the design of the home that can be converted into an elevator shaft when the owners choose to put it in. Port City works alongside builders to get everything ready for the elevator installation, and contractors add floors in the shaft that can be removed later when owners decide to install an elevator. Many spec builders are doing this to make the home marketable to a broader range of potential buyers.

Over the past year, representatives from Port City have seen a dramatic spike in calls from Realtors stating they have a buyer for a home, but that they would like the house evaluated for the addition of an elevator or some other type of lift. In many cases, an elevator can be added to the perimeter of the home. A contractor can build the elevator shaft through decks or another location on the outside of the home. If that is not feasible due to site conditions or pricing, there are other accessibility lifts that could be used to eliminate the need of having a hoist way. One option is a PVE (pneumatic vacuum elevator), which is a round clear tube (available in the diameters 30, 37, and 52 inches) that would be installed indoors.

The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has become increasingly popular to install in existing homes that were not originally built to accommodate a traditional elevator shaft.

This fairly new technology uses air pressure to raise and lower elevators, and does not require a pit, unlike traditional elevators. Another indoor option would be a “Stiltz Lift,” which uses constant pressure controls to lift passengers up one story. The maximum lifting height for this lift is 13’1”. It travels on two fixed rails from the floor on the ground level to the ceiling of the upper level. Port City offers an outdoor lift that has a 500-pound capacity and uses constant pressure controls.

Seth Newman with Port City Elevator.

Port City Elevator is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in the elevator and accessibility equipment industry throughout coastal South Carolina and North Carolina. Representatives Seth Newman, Stan Godshal, and Robert Page are proven professionals that are available to assist you with your next new construction or remodeling project.


Stan Godshal ( left ) & Robert Page ( right ) with Port City Elevator.

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Port City Elevator Inc
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Port City Elevator Inc
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Port City Elevator Inc
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Port City Elevator Inc

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