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Professional Concrete Inc.

About Our Company


Serving both the commercial and residential building industries, as a fully insured concrete contractor specializing in concrete footings, concrete foundations, concrete slabs, concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, concrete pool decks and decorative concrete, the Professional Concrete, Inc. team installs highly advanced and high-profile work utilizing the finest technologies. “OUR REPUTATION IS LIVING ON IT.”

Professional Concrete, Inc. is a local business that emphasizes honesty and dependability, working and living both with and within the Grand Strand area. “We live here. We are involved in the community,” said Staton McIntyre, owner of Professional Concrete, Inc.

Professional Concrete owner, Staton McIntyre

“Our children are part of the Horry County school systems. We are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ Whatever the job requires, Professional Concrete, Inc. is equipped with a qualified team to provide a quality finished product.

Specializing in concrete footings, foundations, slabs, concrete walls, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and decorative concrete, Professional Concrete, Inc., completes all work in-house by Professional Concrete, Inc., employees only. “We take pride in what we do.”

Professional Concrete is located @ 1070 Redi Mix Rd. in Little River, SC.

Professional Concrete’s philosophy includes establishing professional relationships and communicating directly with commercial and residential building contractors, the local building inspector department, and the soil testing companies to ensure that each aspect of the project is done correctly from start to finish.

Staton McIntyre, a North Carolina native, made the decision in 1990 to move to the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand area. With an interest in the business of real estate and property development, he became a licensed SC realtor. While his business path evolved into building and owning, Professional Concrete, Inc., he credits his real estate sales experience with increasing his knowledge and his eagerness to be a part of the building industry.

Professional Concrete’s original business focus was to build a professional company along with a skilled team earning the business to lead the industry across the Grand Strand, as well as the coastal areas in North and South Carolina with an ongoing personal commitment to delivering a ‘hands on’ personal touch.

Through the years, Professional Concrete, Inc. has stayed true to the vision while being appreciative of the opportunity to continue to work with reputable building contractors. “Professional Concrete, Inc. is not too big for any company. We’re always approachable and always available.”

Professional Concrete, Inc. continues to grow, while working with custom home builders and contractors across the Grand Strand, as well as other areas in North and South Carolina. Business relationships built on trust and financial accountability are part of the business plan.

The company also owns and maintains state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure only top-quality work and service. Their 3-D laser screed machine allows their professional team to produce concrete floors to a precisely required thickness. Thus, the outcome is a flatter and more uniformed concrete slab than those produced by traditional screeding practices. The final product is durable and meets quality standards in today’s market.

While expanding business resources and with continued involvement in local business organizations, Professional Concrete, Inc. continually reinforces its strong professional team.

“We have a great team at Professional Concrete, Inc., from our in house residential and commercial estimating departments to our sales and field project managers; our team is like a family. We work together daily to ensure that our clients know how important they are to us, not only today, but for years to come as we continue to build relationships and trust”, says McIntyre.

It is evident, as well as proven throughout the years, that Professional Concrete, Inc. is an asset to the Grand Strand community, providing an excellent product and service.

For further information call (843) 399-1900,  or email or visit




Professional Concrete Inc.
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Professional Concrete Inc.
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Professional Concrete Inc.
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Professional Concrete Inc.

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