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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design

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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design

Everything Outside The Four Walls of a Home

Since 1997, Quality Pools & Spas, Landscaping & Design has strived to make the customers overall experience and investment into their home a positive one. They established as their main goal the commitment to deliver a finished project to the customer that exceeds all expectations throughout the process.

Bill Seay – Owner

Owner Bill Seay came from a background of operations and marketing in customer service businesses and understands the importance of making your customer the biggest advocate for your company. “We understand that a major project like a new pool, a landscape installation or remodel, or a large paver install does not always go without unforeseen challenges and obstacles”, says Seay. “But we make it our job to insure we deliver what the customer expected, on time and on budget.” “Our number one focus is to communicate clearly to the customer at every stage of the project – beginning to end. Communication is a key factor in our business.”

Drew Seay - Vice President
Keith Alford – Vice President of Landscaping

The above commitment is very evident with the experience homeowner’s Jerry & Andi Crews had with Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design. Jerry explains, “My wife & I were extremely impressed with Quality’s crews & their overall professionalism & attention to every detail. They completed the entire landscaping for our home in Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, as well as the installation of our pool & pool enclosure. The installation process was very smooth without any issues. We spoke with owner, Bill Seay, before the process began & told him that when our pool enclosure was complete we did not want even one mosquito in our pool area. Their installation team totally caulked & sealed the entire area & to this day we have not seen one pest in our pool area. Our pool has continued to operate at a high level & there have been no issues to speak of. Quality Pools & Spas/Landscaping & Design is a fantastic company & I would highly recommend them to any existing or new homeowner looking for a professional pool installation.”

Quality Pools & Spas, Landscaping & Design was innovative in their approach to addressing “everything outside the four walls of the home” for the customer. Vice President Drew Seay says “Where we saw a weakness was when the customer had to deal with multiple subs when handling projects like a pool installation to their home. With just a pool they had to deal with the pool contractor, a fence contractor, an irrigation contractor, and a landscape contractor. And if they wanted a specialty deck like pavers – which is our standard installation, that added another company for the individual customer to deal with. We evolved our company to the point where we can handle the entire project with the customer, giving them one person to rely on to get the job done on time, and on budget.”

Bill adds, “We already have the majority of the equipment on-site to complete most phases of a new or remodel installation. It just made sense to make the investment in people with the necessary skills to handle the additional trades required to complete the project turn-key for a customer. We found that it saved the customer time and money in getting a project from design to completion.”

Project Manager Kevin Seay also notes that it helps the customer during the process when they want to make changes or additions to the process. “It makes it a lot easier for the customer to deal with one company when they want to change any piece of the overall project. They can deal with our project manager and that person can coordinate with the rest of the team for a smooth implementation of the change.”
Bill finds this approach to their business as a major plus to builders. “We work with many builders who handle the plans for the home itself, and then give us the responsibility of dealing with the customers for their exterior home needs. We handle the design for the landscaping, pools, hardscapes, fencing, lighting, and other elements such as pergolas, screened enclosures, and kitchens/fireplaces. Vice President of Landscaping Keith Alford finds that this is one of the biggest value areas of Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design. “Customers going through the new home process are inundated with so many choices on the inside of the home that the outside can be the tipping point for them. We strive to make this a smooth process for them by handling all the design aspects of what will be a focal point of their new home or remodel. Our design software allows us to provide them with 3 D color images of what the final product will look like. Our selection process is set up to easily walk them through the options for pool features, landscape options, and outdoor elements.”

Nations Homes II owner, Jeff Skelley, has used Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design for many years & is quick to tell you that they are a great subcontractor for his Myrtle Beach based building company. Jeff explains, “ They handle all of the Landscape / Pool packages for our homeowners. It is very comforting to know that we can turn our homeowners over to Quality & have confidence that they will be taken care of & receive a high quality landscape & pool installation. Our subcontractors are a direct reflection of our company & Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design provides the professionalism & integrity that Nations Homes II stands for. They would be a great choice for any builder in our area looking for a superior landscaping and / or pool contractor.”

The operations involved with a project is critical. Drew, Kevin, and Vice President of Landscape Operations Jeffrey Jensen make it their number one goal to insure that coordination is maintained throughout the project. Jensen handles the landscape and hardscape coordination and finds that this is a key component of what this company offers. Jeffrey explains, “We discuss each project at the onset to insure that all bases are covered. We want to make sure that if a project involves a pool, the landscape team is aware of the overall layout of the pool from the above ground layout, to what is underneath the ground. This is important in setting up irrigation lines around pool lines, plant beds, and tree installations. We focus on details like pool lighting being coordinated with landscape lighting for maximum effect for the customer’s finished project.”

Quality Pools & Spas, Landscaping & Design is well versed to handle any size project. “Residential has always been a primary focus for our company for both remodel and new installations, says Bill Seay, but we also have a large portfolio of commercial work as well. We have built commercial pools, lazy rivers, and completed landscape installations for many communities and builders in the North and South Carolina area.

Commercial remodeling is a key component of the work Quality does. “We were one of the first companies in the area to introduce paver remodels on existing commercial pool decks to replace the old, worn-out concrete look of the past”, continues Seay. “Our work can be found up and down the beach and it is an area we are extremely proud of. Major resort remodels have included complete pool and pool deck remodels, landscape renovations, and add-ons to existing resort features.”

“We feel the future for the building industry is very positive for this area”, says Drew Seay. “New growth is still driving this area, and many of the remodel projects that were put on hold when the economy was experiencing a weak run has now turned and created a strong environment for growth.”

“Our employees are trained that we have one goal which is to exceed each and every customer’s expectation, no matter the size of the job” says Kevin Seay.

“Bill has a quote in his office that he shares with us quite frequently & is a motivating factor for our business ” explains Keith Alford and Jeffrey Jensen. “It is from Colossians 3:23 and reads ; Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. That sets the standard for the way our employees understanding their job responsibilities.”

For further information regarding Quality Pools & Spas – Landscaping & Design’s services, call ( 843 ) 234-2665, email or visit

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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design
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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design
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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design
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Quality Pools & Spas / Landscaping & Design

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