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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions

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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions, LLC

Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions, LLC is a company with deep roots. Its parent company is the half-century old Waccamaw EOC; a non-profit organization that has also been involved in weatherization for 30 years. Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions takes weatherization to the next level. Their services include energy audits, insulation, air sealing, and crawl space conditioning.

Michael Hughes ( Sales & Marketing Manager ) & Tiffeny Vaught ( Energy Specialist ) with Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Hughes, sums up the array of services by saying, “If your home is energy efficient then you have a healthy home.” Making sure your home is healthy and energy efficient is where Tiffeny Vaught, Energy Specialist, and her technicians come in. They have the knowledge and tools to perform energy audits. They start with an external and internal visual inspection and then do further diagnostics to test air quality and find sources of air leakage. While the technicians carry out the inspection, Tiffeny explains each step to the homeowners.

Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions’ services are not limited to individual homeowners. “We would like to form partnerships with the building industry and utility companies to be their source for energy audits,” Michael said. “Besides energy conservation, builders and buyers of new homes could be rewarded with lower interest rates for energy-efficient homes.”

Michael and Tiffeny offer consultation to help consumers identify their priorities after the audit report has been prepared. “Doing an energy audit really helps people to see where their energy losses are coming from,” Tiffeny explained. She added, “Before homeowners go to the expense of replacing windows or doors, they should know if simple weather stripping could do the job.” Michael and Tiffeny shared the example of one homeowner who immediately began to see a 30% savings on their utility bill after taking remedial action recommended by a Southern Comfort audit. The audit includes a chart illustrating the amount of savings per month to be gained by taking specific corrective actions and the break-even point where customers will begin to save money.

“We have one of the most, if not the most, experienced staff doing energy audits. They are constantly training on the latest methods of energy conservation,” Michael stated. “I think our price is probably the most lenient price. We give people the report and we refund the price of the report if they choose to use Southern Comfort to do the work to make the corrections.” As another resource to consumers, the company offers useful energy-saving tips on their website.

One of their happy customers, Hon. Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley summed up her positive experience as follows:

“They were on time, professional and knowledgeable about their services. They provided accurate cost estimates and options as to what work should be done first in order to address our most pressing concerns. The workers who provided our services were courteous and caring about our home, taking care to use shoe covers etc. so as not to do any unintended damage. The comfort and cost savings were immediate. We noticed that in areas where there were drafts, they were no longer drafty and we saw a reduction in our electric bill of more than $ 100.00 per month.  We would strongly recommend this service to any home owner as an investment that will pay dividends well into the future.”

To schedule an energy audit or to learn more about Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions,
email ,
visit or call 843-855-4582.

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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions
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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions
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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions
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Southern Comfort Home Energy Solutions

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