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Tommy Owens, Operations and Revenue Manager for the Coastal Division of Thomas Concrete said, “Concrete is by far the leading building material in the world.” Thomas Concrete is a relatively new name to the Grand Strand (since 2015), but the company dates back to the mid-1950s when it was founded in Karlstad Sweden. Today, Thomas Concrete operates four plants in Horry and Brunswick Counties.

Randal Watts ( left ), Tommy Owens ( middle ) & Justin Todd ( right ) with the Coastal Division of Thomas Concrete.

Everyone who works for Thomas Concrete came to them through acquisition, so the logo carries years of local experience.

Tommy spoke about the sustainability of concrete, and the company’s initiative in reducing the carbon footprint in producing it. Here are the highlights:

CarbonCure technology allows Thomas Concrete to inject industrial CO2 into wet concrete where the gas is chemically converted into a solid mineral. Tommy explained, “It helps with the atmosphere; we can reduce the amount of cement that goes into the concrete and still get the same results. The CO2 never goes back to the atmosphere.” This new product will be introduced to the Myrtle Beach market this year.

  • Concrete absorbs CO2 and is 100% recyclable; it is locally produced eliminating long distance hauling
  • It is strong and durable (withstanding hurricane-force winds); needs minimal maintenance, and is energy efficient; concrete offers natural sound insulation
  • Concrete does not burn or emit toxic fumes when exposed to fire; and it does not rot
  • Thomas Concrete has a new product called CarbonCure

Tommy shared a couple of changes he has noted. “In the coastal area ICF (insulated concrete forms) homes and multi-unit structures are once again trending in this area. This is partly due to the sustainability of the material, and for multiunit condos ICF structures meet rigorous fire codes.” Thomas Concrete and their association partnerships can show builders the benefits and savings of ICF, which has been documented for a couple of decades, and lend support with their expertise and training.

He also noted, “Decorative concrete has really started to go to the next level in residential homes. We’re starting to see houses with concrete floors on the inside with an acid stain on the concrete that makes a cool looking pattern.” Tommy added, “Homebuilders are thinking of ways to enhance curb appeal. A beautiful stamped porch or driveway makes a house stand out without adding a huge amount to the builder’s bottom line.”  Thomas Concrete, “The Concrete Specialists” are members of the National and Carolina Ready-Mix Associations.

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