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Building Contractors Dave Wolons & Rob Clemons – A Team Committed To Excellence

Customer Satisfaction – Our Primary Concern

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the primary concern of DAWOL HOMES. Beginning with a first contact with a potential customer, the DAWOL HOMES team of dedicated professionals has built a sterling reputation while designing and constructing custom homes all along the Grand Strand.

Dave Wolons, President/CEO of DAWOL HOMES, had years of experience as a general contractor in Massachusetts before moving to the Grand Strand and founding DAWOL HOMES in 1996. His desire is to build homes with quality and unique features for each and every homeowner.

DAWOL HOMES Vice President Rob Clemons says, “There’s a multitude of parts that go intomaking a successful home. We like to think we do a good job with making sure the right people are doing the right jobs. You can avoid trouble by having good subcontractors on each project.”

The fact that Dave is a general contractor and Rob is a licensed residential contractor is reassuring to their customers. Their customers also find comfort in knowing they both are long-time active members of the Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association (HGHBA), the Home Builders of South Carolina and the National Association of Home Builders. Rob Clemons has a leadership commitment to the local Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association.

Elected in 2014 as Vice President of the HGHBA, elected in 2015 as President and again to a second term as President in 2016. Rob says, “I think it’s important to be a part of a group of people with common goals. There is strength in numbers. There’s always legislation coming through. I think the Home Builder’s association plays a role in making sure the best practices are the standard here locally.”

Dave, who was a member of the Home Builder’s associations in Massachusetts for years, says, “I don’t see how a builder cannot participate in the associations.”

In addition to many other benefits, members of the building association are provided opportunities to learn old and new codes as well as participate in classes on various subjects and trades related to the building industry. Through classes offered by the associations, Dave earned the certification as one of the Elite Master Builders in South Carolina. To maintain this certification, certain criteria is required which includes 10 hours of technical and business courses annually.

With internet search for a SC builder, New Jersey residents Warren and Lorraine Walters learned about Dave Wolons, a certified Master Builder. For the Walters, that was a deciding factor. The Walters came to Myrtle Beach and met with Dave Wolons and Rob Clemons of DAWOL HOMES. They knew they had found the right builder for their new home at Plantation Lakes in Myrtle Beach.

Lorraine, an artist, was interested in the aesthetics. She made the many choices necessary to customize their home. Warren as the ‘money man’ and as a retired project manager/estimator was interested in the project being on time and on budget. Warren related from his experience he knew once a price is quoted, “another shoe may drop” with request for more money. “This did not happen with DAWOL HOMES. If they said it was a dollar, it was a dollar”.

Rob says, “It’s not one person, or two people that can make anything happen. We all have to come together with the best product we can for our customers. We have to make it a good experience for them.” Whether their customers are living in the area or another city or state, Dave and Rob keep them informed of everything going on with their homes by phone, on the Internet and by email, and provide pictures throughout the process.

Kevin Shaw and his wife, Maxine Koerber, were living in Surfside Beach when their home was built in Plantation Lakes in 2012. They remember their building experience with pleasure and are extremely satisfied with their home. “We had no problems. DAWOL HOMES was very helpful when we wanted to add or delete something or had any questions or concerns. They were always there to take care of the details. We’re very happy.”

Dave and Rob continued to make suggestions throughout the building process that Kevin and Maxine are glad they accepted. Their home was enhanced by expanding a bonus room over the garage, a different type window in the master bathroom and changing the ceilings in the master bedroom and the dining room.

After living in the same house in New Jersey for over 28 years, Greg and Ann Adams chose DAWOL HOMES to build a new home for them in Cypress River Plantation. ”We thought we were getting the honest end of it from DAWOL HOMES in the very beginning,” Ann said. “There was no upfront scary stuff. It was a very good building experience.” When the Adams moved into their home in 2014, Ann said they were exceedingly happy with their new home. “It’s new and it’s completely different from what I’m used to living in. Plus, we have a great warranty.”

Because Ann had experienced the need to have a caretaker in their home for a while in the past, they had their new home designed to accommodate them better if that should be required in the future. This involved making all the doors wheelchair accessible and adding other features, including an upstairs suite where a caretaker could live.

There are numerous ways the staff at DAWOL HOMES earns the trust of the people who deal with them. The company provides in-house design with almost limitless options. At no cost, Dave and Rob will visit a home site with a potential customer. They will discuss how the home will be positioned on the site, how much clearing or landscaping will be needed and many other factors of extreme importance in the building of the home. Rob says, “From the time we start our whole process, we are making sure there are no surprises.”

For customers interested in purchasing building lots, DAWOL HOMES has lots for sale in numerous locations. For customers who may not want to go through the building process or have time to do so, DAWOL HOMES has spec homes ready for occupancy in several communities.

The staff at DAWOL HOMES maintains continued trust by always making customer satisfaction the first priority, beginning with the initial contact and continuing long after a home is completed. Custom homes built by DAWOL HOMES can be seen in numerous locations, including Waverly Bay, the Gates, Cypress River Plantation, The Reserve, Prince Creek, Plantation Lakes, Wild Wing Plantation and other locations across the Grand Strand area.




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