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Trusted Home Services brings over 30 years of experience for both HVAC and electrical to the local construction and property maintenance industries. This professional and highly respected company has aligned itself with many of the area’s premier new construction and remodeling building contractors & also places a primary emphasis on working with property managers and homeowners for emergency service and routine maintenance for HVAC, as well as installation and maintenance service for electrical.

Local homeowners and weekly vacationers need a continuous flow of cool air during those sticky summer months. When that flow becomes interrupted, it is important to have a go-to company like Trusted Home Services in Conway. They offer 24 hour emergency HVAC service to homeowners, HOAs, and Property Managers. Your call always dials into an actual employee of the company, putting a technician at your site quickly. The company is licensed in NC and SC and serves folks from Brunswick County all the way to Georgetown. As an additional benefit to their customers, Trusted Home Services cross-trains all of their technicians in both the HVAC and electrical trades.

( from left to right ) Office Manager, Kendra Thornton, General Manager, Jeff House and Sales Manager, Richard Bellamy in front of the office located @ 2130 Hwy. 905 in Conway.

A good way to prevent those unexpected emergencies is to have maintenance completed annually. General Manager Jeff House explained, “Yearly maintenance improves comfort, energy costs, and the life of the unit. I cannot stress enough the importance and value of yearly maintenance.” The team at Trusted Home Services does one of the most thorough checks on the Grand Strand. According to Mr. House, “We check the whole system: every component including the ductwork and we provide a detailed report to each customer.”

Electrical Supervisor, Kamandi Montgomery ( left ) & HVAC Supervisor, Tracy Berrier ( right ).

One of the trends Trusted Home Services recommends is installation of an ionization system which improves the overall quality of the air inside your home. “We install a Clear Sky self-cleaning ion generator inside the air handler to clean and prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria. This is particularly important around our area with all of the recent flooding,” Jeff said. The system helps a great deal with allergies because it significantly improves the quality of air you breathe. “Wi-Fi thermostats are also very popular now and Trusted Home Services offers thermostats that are compatible with Google, Alexa, and other smartphone-controlled options. That convenience can also be extended to lighting, blinds, cameras, and more being operated by your fingertips or voice commands. These options have been a big trend in the many new builds they’ve done around the area.

Generators and surge protection are becoming more requested, especially since all of the major storms recently. Trusted Home Services can provide surge protection for equipment only or your whole home, indoors and outdoors. They offer standby generators that can be retrofitted to work from propane or natural gas. They also offer a standby generator that is fully automatic. “It kicks on by itself and takes about 5 minutes for power to be restored with the standby generator,” Jeff noted.

Overall, though, a genuine commitment to customer service is what makes Trusted Home Services stand out as a leader in the industry and a great choice for Property Managers and others all along the coast. Every member of the company receives weekly training focused on customer interactions with the continuous goal of maintaining the highest degree of professionalism at all times. Jeff’s goal has remained the same over his 28 years in the industry, “We strive for customer satisfaction with the highest quality of work, and we stand by what we do.” Trusted Home Services is your go-to choice for HVAC and electrical maintenance and service. Just as their name implies, quality and comfort you can trust!

For further information call (843) 365-1783, email  or visit  Trusted Home Services is located @ 2130 Hwy. 905 Conway SC 29526.





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