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Mungo Homes is a powerhouse home builder, with communities scattered throughout the Southeast, but that doesn’t mean they’re not grounded in the details of the personal partnerships they have with each of the homeowners they serve – no matter where they live – and the Mungo Homes team members they employ.

Here in the Myrtle Beach branch of Mungo Homes, for instance, they are currently building in nine communities from Murrells Inlet to Calabash, N.C. However, when first expanding to the Myrtle Beach area in 2008, it was only one development and four employees. Today, they’ve grown to 37 employees, but have always stayed true to their roots.

“I think it’s mainly our people that set us apart from other companies in the industry,” says Mark Kerce, General Manager in Myrtle Beach. “There is a culture of people we hire that value communication and value our relationships with our trade partners.”

Mark Kerce (left), Myrtle Beach General Manager for Mungo Homes, Dave Gosnell (middle), Myrtle Beach Production Manager for Mungo Homes & Will Jenkinson (right), Broker-In-Charge for Carolina One New Homes shown in front of the ‘Warwick’ plan by Mungo Homes.

“Our builders in the field look at our customers immediately as part of their family and they want to take care of them as they would their own,” adds Dave Gosnell, Production Manager in Myrtle Beach “And I think that shows in what they do every day, how they do it, and the kind of product that they want to turn over to these folks. Because they want to be able to pass them in the grocery aisle and shake their hands instead of trying to avoid them at all costs.”

Mungo Homes has always been a family-run company since they were first founded in 1954 and the teams take their commitment to creating trusted relationships seriously, proven in the fourth, sometimes fifth generations of homebuyers returning and staying loyal to the Mungo brand.

“It’s a real testament to the company that great-grandparents, grandparents, children, and more continue to buy our homes,” says Kim O’Quinn, Corporate VP of Marketing. “Mungo management has always prided themselves on being very accessible, unlike large national builders. Recently in Charleston, for example, homebuyers came for their final walkthrough and CEO Steven Mungo just stopped by to say hello and congratulate them on their new home. So it’s just still very much a family company. That’s who we are, that’s who our team members are, and that’s how we try to treat our buyers.”

It’s that Mungo Homes building and buying process, from start to finish, that sets them apart in this competitive market.

“Hands down, it’s what sets us apart,” says Gosnell. “We just set expectations from start to finish when communicating with the customer. Our process has proven success.”

That builder-customer process starts with weekly communication, he explains, and when that home goes under contract, the builder and the sales agent are immediately in-step with one another. They meet every single week, discuss every single home that’s under contract in their neighborhood, and communicate progress to the buyer.

“They’ll discuss where they are at in that process, such as are there any hiccups or what to expect next,” continues Gosnell. “We reach out to the consumer every week and update them on what’s happened on their home that week and what they can expect next week. We also get ahead of problems in this supply chain-riddled industry right now to let them know their tile selection or flooring selection won’t be available until four months after they’re scheduled to close. We’ll say, ‘Let’s get you in here and reselect so we can stay on track.’ It’s that kind of communication that brings our customers closer to our process and makes them feel more than just a price tag.”

Will Jenkinson, Broker-in-Charge at Carolina One Real Estate can attest to the Mungo Homes working relationship and process, having worked with them for more than 18 years in the Charleston market and for three years in the Myrtle Beach area.

“Our joint principles are founded on trust and a solid foundation of value, and we’re bringing that every day from a sales and marketing arm,” he says. “We’ve grown, they’ve grown; we’ve had our good years and bad years, but it’s a partnership. Three years ago, when they reached out to us about Myrtle Beach to help them grow, we brought in a performance coach to work with the Mungo team to onboard their training platform and it’s been phenomenal. We’re always focused on our people. The culture of our companies is so important to us.”

Here’s a closer look at the current roster of active Mungo Homes communities on the Grand Strand:

  • Coastal Point West in Conway, featuring 148 homes that vary in size from 1,200 to 2,800 square feet.
  • Sugarloaf in Conway, featuring 102 homes with floor plan layouts from 1,600 to 2,800 square feet.
  • Cypress Village in Little River, featuring 411 properties and three different product lines: townhomes, premier homes, and garden homes. These products offer a smaller footprint and one level – some with a dual primary – to cater to an active retiree clientele looking for low-maintenance living in an upscale home.

“We’ve marketed Cypress Village, because it’s an incredibly active retired homeowner group, by saying only fun people live here,” laughs O’Quinn. “They’re all very involved in the neighborhood, they do a lot of activities and it’s a great neighborhood for people who like to be with their neighbors.

  • Evans Park in Murrells Inlet (and only 10 minutes from the MarshWalk), featuring a more intimate 65 properties that mimic the same product line as Cypress Village.
  • Lakes at Brunswick Plantation in Calabash, N.C., a golf community 20 minutes from the beach featuring 18 twin units, 36 single-family attached homes, with first floor primaries and garages.
  • Smithfield at Brunswick Plantation in Calabash, N.C., another collection within the Plantation that features 31 luxury townhomes.
  • Merrill Villas, located in a convenient, high-profile spot off Forestbrook Road and Highway 501, is a community of 150 homes in a booming area close to championship golf courses.

And Mungo Homes has not stopped growing its communities from Conway to the coast, feeding the growing need for quality ways to live, work, and play in this hot market.

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