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Palmetto Protection Films

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Feeling the summer heat in your home or office? Palmetto Protection Films offers an effective, comprehensive, efficient solution. Window films from Palmetto Protection Films offer a wide array of benefits, from UV protection to heat reduction, privacy, safety, and security.

Palmetto Protection Films owner’s, Matt & Kristy Yelle

Matt and Kristy Yelle, owners of Palmetto Protection Films, who have more than 20 years’ experience in the window film industry, launched their family-centered company in 2020. When he works with customers, Matt brings his full knowledge of the product to the conversation.

“When I go do my estimates, I don’t do sales. I just do education,” said Matt.

Often, the first topic is health, and the second is comfort.

“UV protection is a huge factor, and our films are actually recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a deterrent to skin cancer. They block 99%+ of UV rays coming in to the house,” said Kristy. “They also reduce the amount of heat coming in to the home. Our films can block 87-89% of solar heat coming through the windows, so that is a significant factor because it helps with cooling costs.”

Fading of flooring, furniture, and window treatments is another common issue with intense heat coming from windows.

“Sometimes, people don’t want to put up blinds or big draperies,” said Kristy. “And even if you do, the UV damage can still be done to those as well. So applying a film can help to protect all your expensive possessions.”

Another major benefit of window films is security, whether it’s from potential intruders or from weather events.

“Our safety and security films deter burglaries and break-ins, but they’re also good for hurricane season,” said Matt. “Once that film’s put on the glass, it makes it shatter-resistant, so if the window is broken, it helps hold all those shattered pieces together.”

Some customers are concerned with the look of tinted windows in their home, but Palmetto Protection Films come in an array of shades, many of which are undetectable.

“It’s a very classy looking film,” said Matt. “And with the glare reduction, many times, customers can actually see better out of the windows with film installed. It sounds funny to say the grass is always greener,” he joked, “but often, it really looks that way.”

Palmetto Protection Films also services commercial clients, including restaurants, office buildings, and furniture stores, allowing business owners to utilize more of their space to more of the public all the time, rather than fielding complaints about areas being too hot.

Palmetto Protection Films is at the top of their game, having been awarded Dealer of the Year for 2021 from its film manufacturer, out of thousands of dealers throughout the country.

One reason for Palmetto Protection Films’ success is their family-centered attitude and approach to business. The Yelle’s teenage son designed the company logo, and their other son attends home shows and introduces clients to the product.

“From the ground up, we’re a family business,” said Kristy. “We tell our employees, ‘We want you to feel like you’re a part of our family.’ It’s important to us that we have that kind of relationship with them, and their families too.”

For further information regarding Palmetto Protection Films call (843) 867-2662, email or visit





Palmetto Protection Films
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Palmetto Protection Films
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Palmetto Protection Films
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