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Patriot 55 Services

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Installing natural gas or propane can be an essential yet complicated part of the homebuilding process. Fortunately for custom homebuilders, Patriot 55 Services is available to provide convenient, efficient, and quality services and products that simplify the process.

Patriot 55 Services, established in 2017, is a veteran-owned company that serves the Grand Strand area with comprehensive services and products, including gas log fireplaces; gas firepits, grills, and outdoor heaters; pool heaters; generators; and gas pipe installation and repairs.

Patriot 55 Services owner Tom Moxley said his clients value the fact that his company is a one-stop shop. Tom has been working in the natural gas & propane industry for over 25 years.

“Instead of having to call 10 people, they can have the lines put in the house and get their tanks, fireplace, fire pits, grills, tankless water heaters – all of it in one place. They can get everything they need from us without having to call a plumber, the outdoor kitchen guy, or other businesses that create extra steps.”

Many area businesses may mistakenly think Patriot 55 Services is limited to propane, but that’s not the case, said Moxley.

“People will call and say, ‘We thought you just did propane!’ And we tell them, no, we do both; we sell both types of appliances. Every product we have we can do propane or natural gas.”

Prominent local custom homebuilders including Classic Homes and Brighton Construction have become regular clients with Patriot 55 Services, and the company also works with retail customers, contractors, and commercial clients, including restaurants.

“For example, Coastal Energy [local propane supplier] will call and say, ‘Mrs. Jones needs a 250-gallon underground tank buried, with lines under the house, hookups, startup’ — all that good stuff, so they’ll subcontract with us,” said Moxley.

All Patriot 55 Services employees are fully trained and have completed state certification. The company’s knowledgeable staff as well as their quality products and attentive service result in strong, positive client relationships.

“Our administrative specialist is extremely responsive when people call,” said Moxley.  “We have inventory readily available, and we do a lot of follow-ups.  We’ve got five guys and three trucks on the road, and we emphasize timeliness in all our services.”

Homeowners interested in installing natural gas or propane products, or doing a complete home makeover, can meet with a Patriot 55 Services technician to discuss how to achieve their goals.

“We guide them through the process, making recommendations for what would be best for their situation and not just trying to sell them something,” said Moxley. “We want it to be simple for them to use or cost efficient if that’s what they want; we cater to their needs and goals. On the other hand, we can make suggestions for products and setups we have that will allow them to make additional, future modifications easily.”

As a veteran and a family member of a police officer, Moxley recognizes the value of military and public servants. Patriot 55 Services offers discounts to veterans, fire fighters, law enforcement, and EMT workers.

“I’m a true believer in giving back to the people that give so much to us, unselfishly, every day,” said Moxley. “I think they need to be rewarded for making that sacrifice every day. I’m a veteran myself, so I think it’s important that we take care of each other.”

For further information regarding Patriot 55 Services call (843) 833-1464, email or visit




Patriot 55 Services
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Patriot 55 Services
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Patriot 55 Services
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Patriot 55 Services

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